Individualised Programs

Not everyone is suited to the same program. 

Rather then giving everyone and hoping for the best, we listen to your goals, fitness levels, injuries & restrictions and preferences and we work with you to give you a program best suited to you to achieve your health and fitness goals. 

As you progress, so will your program. 

Group Training Setting

Every time you step into the gym you'll have a highly qualified personal trainer coaching you through your workout. 

We keep our sessions to under 8 people at a time. This allows us to keep an eye on you to make sure you're training with the correct technique, the correct intensity and make sure you always know what you're doing.


Support and Accountability

One of the best aspects of having a personal trainer is having someone to keep you accountable to achieve your goals. 

We work with you every time you're in the gym, answering any questions you have and always supporting you so you're best equipped to smash any goals you have. 

whats included

Our Semi Private PT Membership Includes

-  Individualised program based on your goals, injuries, restrictions & current fitness levels 

-  Flexible training times to accommodate your schedule  

-  Personal coaching in our Semi Private setting (under 8 people in the gym at a time)

-  Plenty of support to help you achieve your health and fitness goals  

In our Semi Private sessions you will

-  Be taught correct form and technique for all exercises 

-  Be coached through your individualised program 

-  Be pushed to improve and progress each session without injuring yourself 

-  Be guided through each step of the way to achieving your goals  

How this helps you

-  You'll be taught how to eat and train to achieve your goals

-  You'll maximise your results in the gym with structured training programs

-  You'll be kept accountable and have a higher attendance rate

-  You'll be taught proper technique to greatly reduce the chance of injury

-  You'll be part of a supporting community where everyone works together 

-  We'll constantly be working with you to get you to your health and fitness goals