Semi Private Personal Training is a much more personalized version of Group Training.  

In Semi Private Personal Training you have your own program tailored to you and your goals, you'll be then be coached through your program in a small group setting.  

In Group Training everyone has the same program, no matter their goals or fitness levels.  

This makes Semi Private Personal Training a better option for those who have specific goals in mind. We can tailor your training to your needs and we can modify things very easily so it suits your lifestyle and  preferences.  

It also makes it a better option for beginners as we can ease them into their training, rather then throw them into the deep end with some high intensity training.

This is why we focused on becoming the premier Semi Private Personal Training gym in Melbourne - it allows us to provide our members with the best service possible to help see great results and have an enjoyable gym experience.  

Lat Pulldowns in a personal training session.

Lat Pulldowns in a personal training session. 


Squats in a gym.

When you join our gym, your first few sessions will be quite easy and will just focus on a few basic techniques. This is to ease you into it and let us get a good idea of your current fitness levels. After your first week or two you will be given your own program to follow based on your goals, preferences and current fitness levels. You'll then be able to book into your sessions on our Mobile App or on a Desktop.  

Each time you step into our gym you will have a personal trainer overseeing your session to make sure you are training with the right technique, at the right intensity and to make sure you are getting the most out of your training. The trainers will continue to work with you throughout your sessions and programs to make sure you are always progressing and seeing the results you desire. 

One of the best aspects of having a personal trainer is having someone to support you and keep you accountable. We work with you every time you’re in the gym, answering any questions and making sure the program fits into your lifestyle to best equip you to achieve your goals. We have a very warm and friendly atmosphere where everybody is welcome. So whether you have never stepped foot in a gym before or you're a gym  regular just wanting to take your training to the next level we can help  you! 



  • You’ll be taught correct technique to ensure safety and progression
  • You’ll progress quicker in the gym through a structured training program
  • You’ll have a higher attendance rate due to the support and accountability
  • You'll have plenty of information to achieve weight loss & muscle gain results
  • You'll have your own program tailored just for you
  • You'll know exactly what to do and how to do it to achieve your goals
  • You’ll maximize your results & your time spent in the gym
  • You'll be a part of a warm and friendly atmosphere
  • You'll have the constant supervision of a trainer to support and guide you to achieving your health & fitness goals. 


We know joining a gym can be daunting.  

I remember the first time I tried joining a gym - I was 18 and wanting to build some strength and muscle.  

The first gym I walked into the salesman talked so fast I couldn't  understand a word he was saying, before I knew it he was trying to sign  me up to a 24 month contract because it was the "best value".  

The second gym I walked into I had no idea what any of the equipment was, I walked around for 5 minutes and ran out the door.  

This continued for another few gyms until I found an extremely friendly local gym, where I trained for a good 5 years before starting my own  gym.  

The first thing I wanted to do was make it a very welcoming experience for beginners. 

I didn't want to pressure people into signing, I didn't want to  overwhelm them with information, I didn't want to destroy them with extremely hard training sessions.  

I wanted to create a place where people who had never trained before would feel comfortable training, where they would learn how to train properly to achieve results and where they could go from a complete beginner, to an intermediate, to an advanced trainee.  

I believe we have created that training space at Henderson Fitness. 

So many of our members had never stepped foot in a gym before training with us, now they've been with us for years and love every session. 

Kettlebell deadlifts in a group training session.

Kettlebell deadlifts in a group training session.